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  • Meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at 8:30 am in 643 LOB
  • Bills in Committee: H7, H39, H58, H61, H73, H83, H86, H103, H123, H124, H131, H132, H136, H151, H157, H174, H182, H212, H231, H237, H269, H308, H325, H337, H339, H341, H359, H367, H376, H385, H393, H417, H431, H434, H464, H497, H498, H502, H528, H535, H560, H579, H659, H691, H713, H753, H767, H853, H877, H897, H928, H945, H947, H950, H964, H967, H970, H974, H975, H977, H979, H980, H981, H984, H986, H989, H990, H991, H993, H996, S336
  • See the Committee's website for additional information about this Committee including presentations and agendas.
Senior Chairman Rep. Dollar
Chairman Rep. Burr
Chairman Rep. Holloway
Chairman Rep. Johnson
Vice Chairman Rep. Avila
Vice Chairman Rep. Blackwell
Vice Chairman Rep. Boles
Vice Chairman Rep. Brisson
Vice Chairman Rep. R. Brown
Vice Chairman Rep. Cleveland
Vice Chairman Rep. Faircloth
Vice Chairman Rep. Hollo
Vice Chairman Rep. Horn
Vice Chairman Rep. Howard
Vice Chairman Rep. Hurley
Vice Chairman Rep. McElraft
Vice Chairman Rep. McGrady
Vice Chairman Rep. Saine
Vice Chairman Rep. Shepard
Vice Chairman Rep. Starnes
Vice Chairman Rep. Torbett
Vice Chairman Rep. West
Members Rep. Adams, Rep. Arp, Rep. Baskerville, Rep. J. Bell, Rep. L. Bell, Rep. Brandon, Rep. Brody, Rep. B. Brown, Rep. Bryan, Rep. Bumgardner, Rep. Catlin, Rep. Conrad, Rep. Cunningham, Rep. Daughtry, Rep. Dixon, Rep. Dobson, Rep. Dockham, Rep. Earle, Rep. Elmore, Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, Rep. Fisher, Rep. Floyd, Rep. Ford, Rep. Foushee, Rep. Fulghum, Rep. Gill, Rep. Glazier, Rep. Goodman, Rep. C. Graham, Rep. G. Graham, Rep. Hager, Rep. D. Hall, Rep. L. Hall, Rep. Harrison, Rep. Hastings, Rep. Iler, Rep. Insko, Rep. Jackson, Rep. Jeter, Rep. Lambeth, Rep. Langdon, Rep. Lucas, Rep. Malone, Rep. Martin, Rep. McNeill, Rep. Michaux, Rep. Millis, Rep. Mobley, Rep. T. Moore, Rep. Murry, Rep. Pierce, Rep. Pittman, Rep. Presnell, Rep. Queen, Rep. Ramsey, Rep. Richardson, Rep. Riddell, Rep. S. Ross, Rep. Samuelson, Rep. Speciale, Rep. Stam, Rep. Steinburg, Rep. Stevens, Rep. Szoka, Rep. Terry, Rep. Tolson, Rep. Turner, Rep. Whitmire, Rep. Wilkins, Rep. Wray